CLUB with Darío


These are a few pictures from the CLUB with Darío.


CLUB - Darío polishing his cloud shaped ring


Darío created a ring with an organic shape reminiscent of a cloud.


CLUB - Darío carving his wax model


He came in with the idea of a cloud ring to match the sun necklace he made on his first CLUB at the end of 2023.


CLUB - Darío detailing his wax model


After cutting a piece of wax from a cylinder, Darío began shaping and carving his model.


CLUB - Darío filing his ring after casting


Thoroughly smoothening the surface of his wax piece made its metal counterpart soft to the touch as soon as it was casted.


CLUB - Darío with his finished ring and sun necklace


The result is a ring with the fluffy shapes of a cloud and an even surface.

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