SÓLIDA CLUB - Darío and Romo

Last CLUB of 2023


Here are a few pictures from the last CLUB of 2023 with Jimena (Romo) and Darío which took place in November-December. They both created necklaces with very different motifs.


CLUB - Darío and his sun shaped pendant


Darío decided to materialize the image of a sun from a drawing he holds dear.


CLUB - Darío cutting a wax cylinder


After sketching his idea, Darío cut a piece from a wax cylinder in order to start shaping his wax model.


CLUB - Romo's sketch of her pendant


Romo went for a faceted geometrical cross shape with a diamond set in its center by Lola as the (final) finishing touch.


CLUB - Romo carving and filing her wax model


Romo had to cut a piece of wax from a larger block before she could start carving her model.


CLUB - Darío filing his pendant


Once the process of lost wax casting into metal was done, they both proceeded to filing and sanding their pendants.


CLUB - Romo and her polished cross pendant


The last steps included soldering the bail (the hoop above pendants that allows to put them on a chain) on each pendant and polishing with a sanding pad.


CLUB - Romo's cross pendant


After using a bench buffer for a lasting shine, both pendants were mounted on snake chains.


CLUB - Darío's sun pendant
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