SÓLIDA CLUB - Mariano and Jesús

A father and son CLUB


Here are a few pictures of the most recent CLUB we had at our workshop.

Our students this time were Jesús and Mariano, father and son, who made this CLUB a special one.


CLUB - Mariano


They both chose to create a ring, showcasing the use of various techniques along with creativity. As you can tell, the results are very different designs.


CLUB - Mariano's ring
Mariano's ring


Mariano’s ring has an organic shape and design, coming together in a unique piece.


CLUB - Jesus
Jesús and his signet ring


Jesus’ ring is symmetrical with clearly defined lines and an engraving.


CLUB - Jesus' ring


With a signet shape, it is a reminder of the gentle flow of waves.


CLUB - Jesus' signet ring
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