Bonjour et bienvenue à SÓLIDA!

It's no secret your atelier of creation and handcrafted unisex jewelry brand has a team behind it but do you know who we actually are?

We are a duo, French-born and Costa Rican-raised sister and brother Lola and Dadou Miche.

Lola is an artisan jeweler and she studied both in Costa Rica and France in 4 different jewelry schools. She has been making handmade jewelry since 2012 and has managed to answer her calling by doing what she loves. Among the highlights of her years as a jeweler, she has worked for Cartier and her creations have appeared at the Costa Rica Fashion Week.

Dadou is the web designer behind the website and the online shop. Self-taught in web design, he is also a yoga teacher and an international relations graduate. Besides building the website you are reading this on, he runs all sorts of errands, works on product photography and he does research for new collections, on gemstones and crystals.

Thank you for visiting our website and online shop.

Please contact us if you have any doubt or questions about our products, services or if you are after a CUSTOM piece of jewelry or a size that is not currently in store and we will get back to you as soon as possible.