Ring size guide

Ring sizer on a wood worktable


SÓLIDA's atelier is based in Costa Rica and uses the US sizing system for rings.

Please use the chart below as a guide to convert your international size to the closest US size. We handcraft rings in sizes ranging from US 3 through US 11 and half sizes.

You are strongly advised to check your ring size carefully before placing your order.

The most accurate way to determine your exact ring size is being sized by a professional jeweler. If you are in Costa Rica we recommend you book an appointment with us so we may size your finger in our atelier/showroom in Los Yoses.

Take into consideration that the temperature of the day you are fitted may affect the size of your finger.

Due to many pieces being unique and various considerations when it comes to designs, all SÓLIDA pieces may not be resized seamlessly.

As a rule of thumb a ring should fit snuggly around your finger; a firm wiggle should not put the ring at risk of falling off but you should be able to get it over your knuckle to take it off without it resisting too much.

The atelier offers quarter sizes for rings upon request at no additional cost.

To order, simply select the closest ring size when making your purchase and send us an email specifying your desired size.

If you require a ring size smaller or larger than the ones available in the online shop, the atelier offers a custom sizing service for a nominal fee.

Please contact Lola and Dadou to discuss your sizing needs.


3 44 F 4
3.5 46 G 5
4 47 H 7
4.5 48 I 8
5 49 ½ 9
5.5 51 ½ 10
6 52 ½ 12
6.5 53 ½ 13
7 54 O 14
7.5 56 P 15
8 57 Q 16
8.5 58 R 17
9 60 S 18
9.5 61
10 62 ½ 20
10.5 63 ½ 22
11 65 ½ 23