Jewelry care

General care and keeping:

We recommend to remove jewelry when bathing, exercising or cleaning. Avoid excess moisture and store away your jewelry if you are not wearing it.

Metals such as Sterling silver and bronze oxidize (they change color) as times goes on. The elements and contact with liquids and substances may make this process faster.

For Sterling silver and bronze, gently polish your jewelry with a jewelry polishing cloth to bring back their original state and color. Bronze for example, will look golden after a bit of polishing.

It is common for bronze to turn skin green (especially when it comes to rings). Skin reaction to this metal varies from one person to the next. This reaction depends on your skin, if you use lotions and the likes, moisture (yes sweat counts too!) and also other factors that have to do with your environment. You may slow this process by polishing regularly your bronze jewelry and storing it away when you are not wearing it. 

When it comes to gemstones, we recommend cleaning them carefully with a mild dish soap and a soft brush or soft piece of cloth. If not cared for properly, gemstones can be delicate and break.

For pearls and Paua seashells, wipe with a soft piece of cloth. Be gentle with these as they are prone to scratching. Be aware that pearls are very susceptible to chemical contact so we recommend putting them on after applying cosmetics.