What is the CLUB?

SÓLIDA CLUB is an introductory workshop to artisanal jewelry making created in 2018 by Lola, an artisan jeweler since 2012.

To date, more than 60 students have taken the course. She has also taught at Punto Fusión, in Escazú.


SÓLIDA CLUB - Clubbers sketches


The objective of the course is for you to create and make your own silver jewelry, whether it is a ring, pendant or earrings.

The course is an introduction to the lost wax volume sculpture technique and the finishing of your metal piece.




The workshop consists of making a three-dimensional sketch of your idea and carving and modeling the wax model of your design in the first, second and third classes.

Between the third and fourth class, your wax model is molded in plaster to cast its metal counterpart. The fourth class covers completing your metal piece, from sanding and polishing to its last finishing touches.




How does it work?

-4 classes, 12 hours in total per module.

-Personalized on-site course.

-2 students per session.

-Does not require previous experience or knowledge.

-All materials included.




What does it include?

-A chain in case you choose to create a pendant.

-Photographic record of your experience.

-Technical brochure.




*You would like your own CLUB or you are not available at the times or dates we offer?

The option of doing the CLUB on other dates than those announced privately/individually and/or intensively or for advanced classes also exists. Please contact us for more information.

For current rates and the next coming sessions, please feel free to send us an email.

You can also check out our blog about the CLUB or dedicated Instagram account.


SÓLIDA CLUB - Delphine



"The jewelry workshop allowed me to explore my creativity in a way that surprised me and made me feel very proud while providing me with a safe space that I looked forward to coming back to each week.

Being able to transform a simple sketch into a piece that I now use daily is a wonderful experience. Lola's guidance was key, her patience and how she engages and understands each of her students, their differences, needs and her processes is wonderful."

Leyre D.

"I am very grateful with the experience I had making my first ring at SÓLIDA CLUB, I did not have any prior knowledge in jewelry making and Lola was super patient and clear in explaining the processes.

I ended up very happy with my ring and eager to continue learning, I would definitely recommend it to anyone :)"

Valeria S.

"I really liked that Lola encouraged our creativity and her help in achieving whatever we came up with, advising us on how to be able to materialize it and teaching us the techniques as we progressed in the process.

This made the process very easy to follow and at no point did it feel overwhelming.

It was also very useful that Lola was so conscious of calculating how long we should take on each step, since thanks to that we managed to finish the pieces in the 4 sessions."

Juan Pablo Z.

"SÓLIDA is a creative and expanding space, beyond being able to create your own piece of jewelry, you leave with a whole experience of connection.

Thanks to Lola for being the best teacher."


Keylin M.