SÓLIDA CLUB - David and Keilyn

First CLUB of 2023


The classes of the first CLUB of the year have just finished and we would like to show you a bit of how it went at the workshop.


CLUB - David
David sculpting his design in wax


David came up with a concept for a pendant necklace showing some of his architectural background, as it required different techniques regarding geometric precision and the use of patina to oxidize parts of his piece.


CLUB - Keylin
Keilyn polishing her ring


Keilyn chose a more traditional approach to create her ring by going with a band shape and an intricate engraving. Her design showcases sleek, polished lines and an engraved sun.


CLUB - Diego
Diego carving his wax sculpture


Diego, a returning student, created an oversized square shaped ring with a circle precisely carved through the middle.


CLUB - Michael
Michael shaping his wax model


Michael came in with a reference for his idea, a ring that is a reminder of a twisted nail which he recreated while simplifying its shape.

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