The Herkimer diamond is not actually a diamond. Its name is due to how similar the Herkimer diamond, which is quartz or rock crystal, is to diamond, which is made up of carbon.

The Herkimer diamond is reminiscent of diamond for its high purity and for the way it reflects light through its facets. The rest of the name is due to the fact that these crystals originate from Herkimer County, located in the state of New York in the United States.

The Herkimer diamond stands out from the diamond because it has 2 points and 18 facets and can be used in its natural state; that is, without the need to carve or polish the stone. It should also be noted that the diamonds from the Herkimer mine are around 500 million years old.

Native Americans in the area where the Herkimer diamonds were found have long known about this crystal and its virtues. The indigenous tribes of the Mohawks and Iroquois used them because they believed that they help develop the gifts of internal vision (introspection), telepathy and clairvoyance.

For them this mineral was seen as the spirit of nature; a sacred stone capable of guiding the hurting and sick on the path of recovery. It was common among shamans and healers to wear one of these diamonds set in gold with loose ends near the heart chakra as a pendant.

The Mayans called this crystal "Tlaquauactecpati", the "Light of the Goddess and God of Heaven".

The Herkimer diamond is more powerful than other quartz since its shape is said to concentrate energy more easily, which is why it is also called pyramidal quartz. It stores and restores the energy and powers of light in places where they are put and are capable of recharging, reinforcing and purifying other crystals.

The Herkimer diamond is recommended to all those wishing to carry out spiritual work as it strengthens the link between the spiritual and the material by facilitating energetic changes, purifying the aura and harmonizing the subtle bodies.

These crystals also improve sleep, favoring the remembering of dreams and their interpretation. A precious support during meditation sessions, they help to listen to our inner voice by connecting us with the third eye chakra, the center of intuition and knowledge.

Although there are Herkimer diamond deposits in different regions of the world, only those found in Herkimer County in the United States can be called as such.