Gem from the mineral group of silicates, its name comes from Greek "Ios", which means violet or lilac color. It is also known as cordierite in homage to the French mineralogist Louis Cordier who in turn called it dichroite as it has two colors.

Its color can be sapphire blue, lilac blue, yellowish gray and sky blue.

Sometimes called "water sapphire", it has often been confused with the precious gem.

It is believed to be a possible "compass stone" from the myths used by Vikings to locate the position of the sun even in the cloudiest sky before the compass was invented.

Shamans would also have used them for their ability to improve perception and enhance clairvoyance abilities. In rituals and ceremonies they would have induced them visions that allowed them to transit around the spiritual plane.

Gem of change, it facilitates transitions by turning fears and doubts into confidence and certainty. For those who have a tendency of thinking instead of feeling, it allows decisions to be made with love and respect instead of just calculated logic.

Oneiric violet gem, it favors deep sleep and rest while influencing dreams, driving away nightmares and empowering astral travel.

On the physical plan, iolite is a regenerating stone that soothes and cleanses the liver, kidneys, stomach, and intestines.

It also represents a reinforcement of the immune system, with a powerful effect on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

We can find iolite deposits in Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar and Sri Lanka mainly.