Labradorite is a gem that belongs to the mineral group of silicates. Its color is gray with blue, green, yellow, black and red iridescence.

Some cover all the colors of the visible spectrum such as the spectrolite, which is mined in Finland, with blue and green being predominant and reminiscent of the northern lights.

The phenomenon by which it presents metallic reflections when moved is called labradorescence or Schiller effect.

Its name is due to the fact that it was found in the Labrador Peninsula in Canada, in 1770.

Also sometimes called rainbow moonstone, it was referred to as "firestone" by indigenous North Americans. For some ancient cultures, labradorite is part of a northern light that froze and fell to earth; trapped indefinitely in the rock.

There are beliefs according to which this gem would boost those who practiced magic, it would be able to trigger the imagination and help those who seek to overcome their own limits.

It is one of the favorite gems of women in India as it represents softness, love, harmony and the protection of those close to its wearer as well as strengthening bonds of friendship.

Aurora borealis colored gem, it is said to act as armor, able to block negative waves and dissolve aggressive thoughts.

Generator of physical and mental forces, it is associated with the third eye chakra and strengthens gifts of clairvoyance, opening the mind to different levels of consciousness and the possibility of remembering past lives.

Also associated with the heart chakra, it influences inner peace, serenity, sincerity and unconditional love. A source of harmony, it helps with the processing of emotions and situations allowing better discernment and easing letting go.

It is recommended for those seeking to overcome extreme states of physical and mental fatigue due to its power to generate vitality on both planes.

In the physical plan, it acts as reinforcement for the immune system as well as a stimulus for blood circulation and digestion and a relief for abdominal pain. It protects all of the organs of the body besides helping those who have trouble sleeping.

Labradorite is extracted in many regions of the world but mainly in Finland, Ukraine, France, Madagascar, Mexico and different countries in Africa.

Coppery-red labradorite, reminiscent of amber in hue, was recently found in Madagascar.